Hidden Treasures of Fasting

The end of this month I was scheduled along with my comrades to speak at the Woman2Woman Conference in North, Carolina. It’s been a blur with all of the changes taking place world wide and the incidences of illness popping up everywhere. During the time of our rather confining circumstances, I began to feel strong impressed to teach on the specifics of Queen Esthers fast which has highly applicable lessons for what we need to hear and learn from during this virus outbreak. Below is a video over view of the topic on the “Hidden Treasures of Fasting” and added details into my video more specifically as I felt the Lord strongly impress me for sharing.

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Prayers for you all as we work through this strange time in our lives!




Here we are in the middle of one of one of the strangest global/national upheavals we have ever seen in our immediate lives. In my 52 years, I only remember time coming to a stand still a few times, and this is definitely an instance that will emerge at the top of list of strange, scary, and sudden. Who knew last month at this time we would see certain aspects of life come to a screeching halt including our church activities, sports, businesses, delivery systems, and more. It seems the supermarkets, bottled water, tissue paper, and Amazon companies are the only ones truly benefitting at the moment.

But have no fear, there will be life AFTER the virus! It may take us a minute to recover, but it will happen, so let’s plan ahead, dig in with all of our might, and not let this stop us from moving forward again and resume the booming spiritual and economical movement we have been enjoying.  I would like to cordially invite you to convene with a panel of many experts on sales, marketing, and more that will get you back in the swing of things and certainly help to restore your zeal. Check out my spot as well on the link provided along with my peers who are ready and able to help you regain your footing and do it quickly!  Click link to join us >>> Speak Your Way To More Business

Your’s in the name of all that is prosperous for all the right reasons – see you at the summit!

ReAnn Ring


hand washing coronavirus

Happy Birthday to You!

My friends, I wonder if you are like me … do you feel that Christmas has become something completely “other” than what we originally deemed the date for in celebration of the birthday of the Christ’s birth on December 25?

Although it’s not the exact birthdate of Christ, the fact remains, we have set aside a time that is to be honoring of the biggest birthday that ever deserved to be celebrated. The gift of His birth was and is a massive gift to each of us that know Jesus Christ as Savior, and mostly as a reflection of the heart of the Creator Who knew this scrambled world needed a Deliverer even as long as 2000 years ago to effect all of eternity for so many. When we read through the book of Matthew, we learn He was born in a lowly way to a virgin mother, to die one day in a wicked excruciating manner on the cross, to rise from the dead, to breathe and flourish again in all of His perfection with those scars to prove it, so that we might live through Him and Him through us with forgiveness of sin and the dreaded consequence. This is the most spectacular treasured mega gift we could ever imagine receiving and we can barely conjure the full scope of the supernatural depth of this enormity, simply due to our finite minds.

With this in mind, during the year, as a part-time commercial decorator, I spend about ten months prepping for, negotiating contract terms for, staging ahead, then installing, and dismantling Christmas decorations and events for the commercial real estate properties of metro-Atlanta, Georgia, and in Birmingham, Alabama. My team and I have run like mad with roughly 50 or more properties each seasons to decorate as we have had for the last several years with a growing business, including work for famous recognizable business names, popular churches, and in gorgeous homes around the city. The demand this year alone, was exceptionally high with a booming economy.

However … regardless of the growth and the deep sense of gratitude I have for an economically viable business, the more I see the world focus on food and recipes, gift wrapping, Amazon/UPS/USPS deliveries, the perfect color and details for decor, traveling to family, prepping for this and that  … and the more I have found that I need to remind myself, and others, the reason for the season. It’s entirely too easy to get lost in the beauty of the glitz, the mounting demands, the rush to get it all done, road rage for a parking space, the price tag that companies are willing to pay for a short decor season, and the crunch time of what we had planned for as far in advance as possible, now culminating into a blizzard of activity from late October through the beginning of the New Year. Exhaustion begins to overwhelm me, and soon enough, I am begging God to simply help my team and I “get through” this last part of the year.  The time can easily get swallowed by difficulties rather than camping on “why we do this” … for the business.

This buzz of activity is not just for us as decorators, it’s also for you that plan in your homes with your families, meeting expectations on the Christmas wish list, traveling with the car stuffed full on long stretches of weather blitzed roads, having dug deep into our pockets to buy presents for the tree, while simultaneously squeezing in mega church activities, civic duties, donating to those that need, planning the perfect yummy dinner menus, and more … all of it gobbles up enormous energy. When it’s all said and done, we may look back at the season with warmth and appreciation, or maybe even sometimes feeling a little resentful that we got in so deeply in the way of demand. Maybe you did far more for them than they did for you and are now thinking never again, or are faced with some family issues that through a wrench into your plans. Some of you may simply be watching it all happen on the side lines, totally lonely, as everyone else “has someone”,  but you may not be experiencing that personal touch by a loved one or someone else to love on.  A part of Christmas can serve as a heart piercer rather than filling a heart full of joy.

For me personally, by the time we are done taking the last decorative morsel off the last tree, while packing the truck, and filling storage with an avalanche of goodies to hold until negotiating terms start in the early spring yet again, feeling rewarded, satisfied, deeply exhausted, a question still remains in my mind if my intentions were fully on Christ and keeping Him front and center of why I do what I do. I often am completely alone on Christmas day by choice, with one full day to rest due the fact on December 26th I have to begin dismantling all that went up, in a third of the time, running with a crew and big truck from place to place. What normally would have felt lonely to me at one time being alone on this day has morphed into a coveted time of rest for my bones, and a few minutes of “quiet” not having to drive or direct as a business owner. It’s just the Lord and me and the time I have with Him uninterrupted and for that I am entirely grateful!

The take away I have found is this, the enemy fights hard to keep things off-beat due to the fact that the Lord is to be high and lifted up. He’s jealous of the Lord, and don’t I know it! He would rather us focus on a fun “holiday” filled with “stuff” or even the tough experiences this season can bring rather than focus on Christ. The enemy delights that we are caught up in debt producing shopping so that he can keep us side tracked from the gift of “TIME” that we could spend simply commemorating Christ’s birth and the meaning of it all. He even loves it even if we have no one to buy for, or buy for us, rather than be filled with the awe and wonder of spending time with the most incredible Companion – the Holy Spirit of God, that anyone could covet to be with on a special day.

One of the most valuable gifts we can give back to Him, is time with the Father, eyes on Him, eyes off of our circumstances, less yielding to the demand of others and more holy time with Him.  It takes our eyes off of our lack, it re-centers the reason for the season, and time with the Lord can supernaturally change us from within. It heal our bodies, produce a highly appreciate perspective, and can make us far more warm and filled due to the fact that Christ-mas is about CHRIST, not what we do to decorate, or eat, or who we give to, or who we are without, or or or … It’s about taking our eyes off of the here and now, and looking onward toward heaven and singing a Happy Birthday song to the One that longs to give us more than we ever could imagine. Remember what we do this time of year should always be hidden behind the cross for the reason of glorifying Him.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Jesus
It’s all about You!


Photo courtesy: @Imagesbyreann,  Design by ReAnn Ring for First Baptist Church Atlanta Decorated DMX Lit Wreath

Christmas 2019 Dr. Stanley First Baptist Atlanta 1

Respecting Our Elders in the Work Place

Word of caution and encouragement: I was talking to someone recently who said that the generations of people who are older were being put down and dissed by the newer and younger in her particular organization. The older ways being labeled antiquated and irrelevant, literally those that were top-level considered bereft of the “newer and faster and better” ways.

Be excessively cautious on that note to be quick to dismiss their worth and value, as to dishonor the Lord’s elders gone ahead of us is a risky move of complete and utter foolishness. We would not be here without them and building on the foundational blocks they built that were hot for their generation, the ideals they put into place to help progressive action take place for future generations to benefit, not to mention, that their actions actually are the inspiration for something new to be done to improve things – we, instead of disrespect, ought to hand them a hearty and huge thank you. Lift them up and sing their praises. Nothing is new under the sun, but instead things evolve (and no I don’t mean human bodies in evolution).

What I mean … technology advances, but it was for us to discover it as the Lord always had these things in mind and knew before we were even born what and where it all would happen. He chose whom He wanted in place for their time in the equation and none of it could survive or move forward without the other.
The other thing to remember … sometimes those outdated old folks will blow right passed an ignorant and ungrateful generation and do things the younger would never dream of, right here and now. The Lord used Caleb in his 80s to fulfill a vision he had in his 40s and those very things can happen even today and still do … true wisdom comes from years of experience, hurdling over stumbling blocks, soaring past set backs, overcoming deep wounds and betrayals, financial losses, climbing the mountain tops of victory, and working in a spirit of gratitude. One never knows how the Lord may humble those who boast of being bigger and better than ever before, like the example set by those that boasted about the new production of the Titanic that “not even God could sink”.  We all know how that ended.

Respect those that are older and wiser and more experienced and never put them on a shelf as unusable. Ask and glean, and put that independent and self-sufficient attitude to rest. If anything, make someone who has gone before you a pertinent and very real part of your prayer team, a member of your advice counsel, and perhaps put their calloused and willing hands to work with you rather than leaving them in the dust with ingratitude. Our elders deserve to be treated with the respect they have earned, just as we ourselves will wish to be respected when it’s out turn. 

Leviticus Elderly

Pictured above: Shirley and Marvin Johns, grandparents to the author.

A Word Fitly Spoken

Stone Mountain Girl

Recently I was given a moment with a sweet girl who had planted herself on top of a smooth giant rock near the observatory at the top of Stone Mountain. When I first caught glimpse of her, the profile of a young person in deep thought, I couldn’t help but take a couple of snap shots with my cell camera as the pose, the background, and the moment, was apropos for photography. Glancing over the photos I realized that any girl might appreciate the fact she is the object of a great photo opp, so I approached her during her quiet moment, and told her this would make a perfect picture for a blog if she were writing one.

Very excited she asked to see the pic I had snapped as indeed she had just finished a blog that she had written and allowed me to take a glimpse on her phone. As I studied her face at a closer range, no one could miss the tears streaming down her cheeks, and upon reading her blog, it reflected fresh feelings that she was starting a new chapter in her life. At the moment, I didn’t feel led to pry, but God revealed right there on the spot to encourage her heavily with the Word and a few examples of His work from topics on  body-building all the way to building a business to a level far beyond what one could ever imagine or dream. 

Before long, the smile came, the tears stopped, and she was ready to take on that new chapter she had already written about in her unpublished blog.  Texting her the photos I had taken for her to use, I glanced up as she walked away with a lighter heart and a bounce in her step as she headed down the mountain, knowing full well that this was no mistake meeting – it was the Lord sending me on a divine appointment.

I may never know the reason for her heavy heart when I arrived, but she was certainly not deep in sorrow as she left.With a belly full of gratitude, I reflected on how many times someone who was passing by gave me a word of wisdom that I would learn to treasure for eternity. We never forget those people, their kindness, the power of that moment that changed everything.

The take away: My thought is, I wonder how many opportunities we might miss when we don’t look up from our devices and busy schedules and stop and talk a minute to get involved in someone’s life just like this – God will surely use someone, but I don’t want to miss out on the chance when it’s my turn to minister. We could prevent a major decision in the wrong direction by stepping in with a strong shoulder to cry on or simply taking a few minutes to bolster a person’s entire direction in life. They are thirsty to hear, and navigating someone through the ups and downs of the human heart experiences can  make all the difference for eternity.

As for my time with this stranger now turned friend, I’m not sure who was blessed more at that moment, her, or me.   

God is good.

ReAnn Ring

Apples of gold


Do You Have the Guts?

Entrepreneur jumps off a cliff

The old and true cliché’ reads like this: If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten just like folding a fitted sheet over and over again and expecting different results. The method turns into absurdity and begs for a new approach.

So how does one truly crack into the art of being a change agent of one’s own life, and, in turn, bless those that are watching and following? Like it or not, if you are a believer, you are being observed every day by those around you looking for hope and a difference – to see if this “God thing” is the real McCoy. To boot, one of the greatest feelings on earth is knowing that you are working smack dab in the middle of the Lord’s calling being all that He has made you to be for such a time as this. But what if you don’t find yourself there? How do you get into that mode to begin with and stay there? What if you have been sitting on an idea or product or service plan that you have yet to put into the market-place. What about that ministry idea that gives you the butterflies but you are too afraid to take hold of ???

The answer is simple, but not simple: He or she prays, dreams, prays again, makes a plan, does a mother load of due diligence accompanied by a load of wise counsel, and then without holding back, against all doubt and fear, GOES FOR IT, without looking back, pushing past every obstacle, and keeping one’s eye on the prize at all times. The key to making all of this happen is to not procrastinate on getting started, otherwise that hope deferred will make the heart sick, just like the Word of God states in Proverbs 13:12. By dedicating that skill set, dream, gifts and talents, to the Lord, those things that He gave you, and by following His wisdom in the fail proof blueprint of His written Word, one cannot go wrong.

Several years ago emerging slowly from a very dark and painful season, I wrote a Bible study, birthed out of the loss of love, finances, and my very well-being. It was a time of betrayal so deep I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to survive it emotionally and often during that time I prayed for the Lord to take me to glory in order to escape the burden of the chains to emotional pain, isolation and sheer broken-ness in my world. However one day I realized that I couldn’t push the Lord away any more in my furry and anger asking Him “why” every five minutes, and decided to forgive my enemies, turning my heart earnestly toward the One Who patiently held me during my loss and bellowing. With a steady climb out of a wickedly debilitating depression, with prayer, I reminded the Lord that He told me He had a plan for my life, and I searched for answers with a new hope through God’s Word. The Lord didn’t need my reminding of His truth, but He certainly did act as a tender Father when He proved He was listening the whole time and loved that I reached out to hold Him to His promise. Very soon I could feel the literal pop of chains of bondage on my wrist to my sadness, break free and GLORY was that ever a moment!

It was not any overnight transformation for sure, but through a consistent earnest search for His healing and will, the Lord not only released me to move on, but continued with a powerful punctuation to the script for my life He already had in mind.  He navigated me out of the abyss of sadness and despair, according to Psalm 18, and set me onto a wide open space to start afresh and anew. That’s the time I providentially fell into the story of the widow and Elisha.

The Bible Study He gave me to write and share, that followed out of this season of challenge, came from II Kings 4:1-7 about the true story of the little pot of oil that Elisha taught the debt-driven-desperate-widow to use and multiply in order to pay off her creditor. She was in a terrible place and no other option to go but up! Obeying the voice of the Lord through Elisha, not only was she able to pay off her debt, but Scripture specifically states that she was then going to “live off the rest”.

WOW, what a miracle! And if it could happen for her, it could happen for me … and for that matter >>>> ANYONE!

From that moment through the next eleven years to the present time, my Provider in glory worked beside me as a new business partner in a venture where He multiplied the oil He had given me, placed me in front of live t.v. and radio to share my story and this treasured passage that has become the mantra of my work ethic, and has grown our (the Lord and me) business to a higher level than I ever imagined – garnering a steady seven-figure retail income, while being able to pay myself a six figure yearly salary. The income this produces also freed me up to work in two incredible ministries that transformed my world and allowed me to give back in return for all that was poured into me.

And guess what? As I said, others were watching. This has created more curiosity and cause for others to seek my counsel on growing their own venture, their new business, their idea they have in mind to create and bring to fruition on the shelves, their on-line endeavors, and more, of which I delight in helping people with applying the same principles I have learned and still use though coaching and speaking and more. You cannot go wrong with God’s Word as the G.P.S. to life’s direction.  The following is a video outline and the written Bible Study lovingly prepared and prayed through so that anyone will have full access of the points of application in order to grow a dream, from zero to infinity in God’s timing.

Before you begin – pray first, drink in deeply the passage provided, and work steadily with the passion for a new beginning, or stronger path to flourish in, right in front of you. Please feel free to comment and ask questions as I so enjoy seeing others break out of the ordinary and go to extraordinary heights! With the Lord as your partner there is absolutely NOTHING you cannot accomplish. My greatest joy is to know that you are doing and being all you can for God’s glory in your businesses and ministries.  As my favorite lady in history, Corrie ten Boom, stated, “He uses the pieces of our broken heart, to feed the multitude.”

Prayerfully yours,




The Oil

(King James Version – http://www.BlueLetterBible.com)

2Kings 4:1 Now there cried a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets unto Elisha, saying, Thy servant my husband is dead; and thou knowest that thy servant did fear the LORD: and the creditor is come to take unto him my two sons to be bondmen

2Ki 4:2 And Elisha said unto her, What shall I do for thee? tell me, what hast thou in the house? And she said, Thine handmaid hath not any thing in the house, save a pot of oil.

2Ki 4:3 Then he said, Go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbors, [even] empty vessels; borrow not a few.

2Ki 4:4 And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full.

2Ki 4:5 So she went from him, and shut the door upon her and upon her sons, who brought [the vessels] to her; and she poured out.

2Ki 4:6 And it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said unto her son, Bring me yet a vessel. And he said unto her, [There is] not a vessel more. And the oil stayed.

2Ki 4:7 Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest.

1. What state of mind was the woman in when she came to Elisha? Look up the word cried in the Strong’s Concordance and describe more fully the type of “cry” she made to Elisha in verse 1? Have you ever been in this situation of desperation? __________________________________________________________

2. What do you think of Elisha’s reaction? What first step did he tell her to do? What was the second step he instructed her to do? What happened in between? __________________________________________________________

3. What was the issue at hand and what led up to the crises? __________________________________________________________

4. Do you think she had tried anything before this to remedy her debt? Think of what she told Elisha she had when he asked her what she had . . . she answered “nothing, save a pot of oil.” Think of the story of Jonah, a dear teacher of mine pointed out that he didn’t cry out to the Lord until AFTER he had spent three days in the darkness of the whale’s stomach. Why did he, and why do we, wait so long to cry out to the Lord for help? __________________________________________________________

5. The word oil is used five times in this passage – five is the number of grace … What is that little pot of oil in your life that can be used of God – no matter how meaningless it may seem to you? Take time to pray and think on this … __________________________________________________________

6. Vessels is mentioned seven times – seven is the the number of completion. God always does His delivery rescue completely and fully. In this passage vessel can stand for people, or commodities that can be of value- we are vessels of honor as people.  What are the vessels or who are the vessels in your life? __________________________________________________________

7. Who are your neighbors in your circumstances? What is it that God can use in your life to bless you and others? How can you pour for more into others? __________________________________________________________

8. Explain what you think it means when the passage mentions that she closed the door on herself and her sons when she began to pour and the miracle took place – Who was present with her besides her two sons. Closing the door is representative of prayer …  __________________________________________________________

9. How does this apply to your life or to someone you know? __________________________________________________________

10. Are you willing to give everything you have to the Lord to use, or do you feel you having nothing to offer him? How far are you willing to sell out to get answers to your needs, before you go to the Father for answers and for replenishment? What is YOUR oil that God could use to multiply? __________________________________________________________

11. Do you BELIEVE that the Lord can do the same miracle for you as He did in this passage for this woman? __________________________________________________________

12. Once the woman finished pouring the oil, what did she do then? __________________________________________________________

13. Did the widow know before hand when she performed part one of the instructions from Elisha what he was going to tell her to do with all of that oil she collected? Did she even know ahead of time that the Lord was going to perform a miracle? What does this tell you about faith? __________________________________________________________

14. Why would it have been a disaster if she had simply given up and not followed through with Elisha’s wise counsel for the reason of that fact she didn’t see how this would work or remedy her problem? __________________________________________________________

15. When you are in a despair, run out of resources, are destitute, and on your last few drops of oil, do you think it is simply enough that someone hands you replenishment, or is it more valuable to learn how to exercise faith and a strategy that can supply you for a lifetime. “Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”.

Does it make sense that this woman had NO experience as an entrepreneur oil merchant, yet the Lord made her into a success story almost over night? It certainly doesn’t mean she didn’t have to work, exercise faith, and OBEY, but none the less, she was set for future means forever, and she could now help others with the overflow from the oil. Can you imagine what she told her neighbors once she sold the oil and then returned the borrowed vessels back to them? What vessels do you have in your life that may be filled with impurities or foul waters and need to be emptied in order for the Lord to fill them with fresh oil? __________________________________________________________

My prayer for you: Lord Jesus, You can show us what our resources, talents, and skills are regardless if we believe we have anything to offer. Will you lift the veil of our eyes to see You more clearly as we turn our faces to You according to II Corinthians 3:16 and guide us into where we should use our abilities for Your glory? Show the person reading this right now, that NOTHING is too insignificant for use, but more importantly, that we offer what we have without assumptions, and not sit on a miracle waiting to happen right in front of us. Please guide us and show us what to do for Your glory. Amen

Switching Gears

Screen shot 2015-02-27 at 7.12.18 PM

Don’t try to shove a square peg into a round hole – it simply will not fit. Not only will one be wasting their time, but this fruitless effort bathed in pride will be delaying precious fulfilling life-changing experiences one could know while working in and around that sweet spot known as your life’s calling.

Nothing feels as liberating as working in the field to which you have a calling – be it ministry, a corporate position, a home based business, birthing an invention or idea into fruition, instructing or speaking on topics of expertise, and any other scenario we are drawn to inwardly but simply are at odds with outwardly since we are beating out of sync operating in a foreign place – working out of our calling. Trying to maneuver around a place we don’t belong simply won’t satisfy for the long haul and one will feel deflated and unfulfilled in a multitude of ways. Suddenly we may wake up one day well into the years of dull ventures we have been on along the not so suitable path and realize how much time has been wasted and how many excuses we have used before we own the fact we have been given ONE life and a God-given place of “making a difference” in the lives of others.

We may even sink into further despair as the once strongly held desires of our heart dissipate suddenly due to a set back in the journey, become derailed by a discouraging comment from someone significant to us that made the dream seem impossible, or even that little voice in our own head that says “it will never fly”. That other voice we often listen to generally takes precedence over believing the voice of our Lord God Who has equipped those that He calls for the work at hand and gives us great pleasure in that journey as well (Hebrews 13:20-21). Why would we not believe the One that made us for His purpose and muffle out His brilliant plan and voice?

For me the answer to his question lies in the basic vision flat lining arena of FEAR and procrastinating the inevitable failure we think we will face. Simply put, we don’t have faith that God can and will do His finest work despite or short comings and inabilities and we might, just might not fail at all. Even if we do have set backs, the Lord is the Master Weaver as working all things together for our good and never leaves a faux pas unused. . And when successes take place He is the One Who deserves the credit!

The definition of success also varies widely from person to person. Your calling may not be to create or run a million dollar company or making a headline news piece, but certainly it COULD if we put our passions into action behind the plow of determination to make a dream come to reality. When we operate within the will of God, ANYTHING is possible for the Lord God the Creator of the Universe Who has no limits functioning with unspeakable power in and around that person. Don’t miss it, don’t allow time to waste, visions to fade, and the monster of negativity to create a halt in your progress. How many days are we guaranteed a breath and yet we live as if we have forever to finally grab hold of the brass ring that we were wired to hold on any given scale?

Time to stop and change directions and move along with the areas of life you were meant to be the warrior that you are – here are a few helpful steps to get thinking into the mode of productivity in the right direction:

1. Pray on it. Nothing but nothing beats absolute communication with our Father Who is bursting with kindness and surprises for His children, which leads me to this reassuring statement; make sure you are a child of God in order to receive His blessings. All one has to do is simply believe in Him as Savior and then seek His kingdom first and His righteousness which is learned through the meditation on His Word the Bible and spending time in fellowship with Him. He will begin to shape the desires of your heart according to His Word if you will delight in Him, and then soon, one will want what He wants.  (Psalm 37:4)

2. Get to know yourself.  With a pen and paper, write down what YOU love to do, to dream on, to see, to feel, to experience. Don’t rush this process because a person who has suppressed deep desires and life long goals may need to resurrect those ideals with a bit of soul searching. On the flip side, if you are a visionary as I am, we may have a quiver full of ideas and need to sift through and find the ones that need to hold the top spots.

Don’t overlook your day dreams as a sub-level of enjoyment to what we think is more important. Let me correct you on this erroneous thinking …there IS no line of distinction here. Your desires are vital and one of the sweetest discoveries of His handy work to equip you for the call. RUN into that desire and steep in this area of thinking especially if you have been particularly dead to thought of “what if”. Chew on the possibilities and let it steep for awhile in your mind. Don’t let money or lack of money become the obstacle. Lack of dough cannot become the excuse as that says that “it” is more of a god than the real God Who owns it all. Pray for provision rather than fearing the lack of it.

3. Mentor – get a GOOD mentor who has been there and done that. One of the greatest errors one can make is to communicate with those we  KNOW will deflate one’s sails and over look a variety of well suited and Godly leaders who have been in a position of success gifted in their expertise that would delight to spend time helping a person shape a dream into reality. Don’t rush into mentoring to simply “get someone” but certainly don’t delay in seeking out those that are making things happen in their world. And if the first person says “no” then look for another. They are out there, ready to help and certainly you can find a host of great leadership in writing by such authors as Robert Kiosaki of Rich Dad/Poor Dad (my personal favorite) or Loral Langemeier (Live Out Loud). These two people via their writing and recording and seminars rocked my entrepreneurial world and made ALL the difference in propelling me into action.

4. Choose your timing to get started and then DO IT. If a product will fly later in the year, then don’t press “go” on it now, be patient on this, but don’t delay on the behind the scenes work in preparation for the launch. Sitting idle is pointless when you have embarked on the quest. If that book needs to be written, then do the outline and fill in the info and work on the book cover and back for illustrating – many will want to glean from your wisdom. If you are ready to launch a business, consider the cost before you build and develop your allies around you for the work sake and make friends and be friendly where ever you go. This has been a huge benefit to my work because I genuinely love people and love to bring them joy.

5. Don’t look back. Move ahead and don’t forget to check in with your mentors from time to time as they are far ahead of you in the line of successes. Never let it become  known that you eventually won’t listen to wisdom because we have become prideful, too busy, or a know it all. Never stop learning and understand there will be days you may doubt, feel lazy, have a set back with something that will be an opportunity for you to decide that you have to work through the speed bump rather than let it stop the progress.

6. When you have finally launched, contact me about coaching no matter what stage you find yourself in with your dream. It’s time to get things in motion and there is nothing I find more satisfying than seeing someone successful and being all that they can be. I want to know that this article made a difference. In the end no one will satiate thirst and hunger as you will by working on the road the LORD meant for you and not the plan of someone else in your life!

Attachment Trauma – A Must Read

This was an excellent discovery today as I searched the net for sources on adult healing from childhood neglect and/or abuse. This is one of the best explanations and resources for attachment trauma I have seen yet. How I wish every couple would read this before or even well into their marriages. Click below to read …

Attachment Trauma https://glynissherwood.com/attachment-trauma-relationships-adult-children-abuse-neglect/


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Too many times we decide to give up our full price tag we want to charge on our product or services simply because we can’t say “no thanks”, to someone who wants to talk us down in payment for something we work very hard to earn. It’s not that we don’t want to make the money, and it’s not that we aren’t in the competitive mode either, but rather, it comes down to the belief system that we don’t think what we have is worth the value we have attached to it. We simply haven’t learned yet, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and many other sales will come, even if we walk away from a sale today. Generally it boils down to how we feel about ourselves personally that is reflected in our world of business dealings and how we garner ourselves right out of a healthy growth cycle. Business isn’t about pleasing everyone with what they think your product is worth, it making your product worth exactly what you ask for in price, and understanding that this sometimes. requires allowing a potential consumer to walk away.

The key is, you will set the standard by putting a fair price on an item or service that offers better than the average and is worth every penny, because it’s uniquely placed in the market by a salesperson, or a company owner like yourself, that is passionate to offer the highest standard. Once that standard is set, the word can travel fast, so make sure that it is a value equal to the asking price and then some.

If one has been in business for any length of time, one will understand that business requires cash flow, so the more we allow the bargain basement price to happen, the more quickly we edge ourselves to going totally out of business. It can and does happen every day.  If a potential buyer chooses to have cable t.v., a car payment, a $2000 a year cell phone, overhead in their own businesses, and other hidden dollars spent, then it also means that a buyer will then have to choose to afford your offer as well. They have to decide to invest wisely with you and if they don’t, please do not buckle at that point, desperate for a sale, and allow someone who holds a tight purse string to be the determining factor to devalue something you know took blood, sweat, and tears to develop.

Furthermore, do you want to be known as the cheapest on the block that works as hard as the other guys, or the one with the higher price tag, with more of a quality deal? At that point even if they balk at the price, point to the bottom line price, and where to sign and let them decide. If they sign they sign, if they don’t they don’t. Be considerate with your response, and decide that if others want to stay small, that this isn’t your problem. Don’t you dare shrink the price tag if they decide not to afford you. Be wise and protect your own investment and worth. The sales will come.

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Tis the Season!

This year my decorating team, including yours truly, rocked it with the planning and execution of decorating over 80 Christmas trees of every size from a five foot contemporary rotating metal tree north of the city all the way to a 20 foot posh gorgeous display in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta. Never mind coordinating additional countless wreaths, miles of garland, dazzling centerpieces, floral centerpieces, props and special feature lighting to bring it all to a new level of the wow factor, topped by special orders from clients of carefully packed gift baskets stuffed with goodies delivered to some of the finest company firms we could ask for – all in one swoop of a season!

Needless to say, we are most thankful for, and in awe, exhausted – oh – yes from, how busy this year has been for planning and the final product for the most sought after commercial properties and mega churches in the industry. It’s tremendously humbling and overwhelming to think where the Lord God has brought my once tiny-sized company in 2007, to a now thriving and in-demand small enterprise in 2017. It is a continuum of effort to improve and grow wisely every single year it is in existence as we want every client to be delighted with what we do. The day after Christmas, it all starts to come down and the bling will be temporarily packed away, as my crew and I ready for the next few months, where planning for next season will commence once again.

To my clients, THANK YOU for your business, and know that we love each and every one of you and truly appreciate the fact you have any company to choose from, and choose to do business with us!  Without you we have no business.

To update you on our services, we will now be offering gift baskets delivered year round for all occasions for all budget sizes, as well as a higher level of priority to gorgeous monthly orchid arrangements, commercial event florals and centerpieces, and bridal and wedding florals for that special day. Please let us know what your needs will be and we will be happy to offer a quote for the finest and the best you could ask for each time! Contact me at: reann@reannring.com or 770-374-7940

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future! – ReAnn Ring

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