Do Not Fear the Murdering Hornet

Recently, I spent several hours studying the set up and take over of the Jews in the Holocaust of WWII. After hearing several testimonies of the American soldiers that helped to liberate the victims of the concentration camps, I was moved by their compassion on those that they found and the state of these people that were crushed, many who had died, and those that were barely hanging on to life. They knew it was rumored to be dark, but they had no idea until they got on the scene, the shock that would over take them.

One soldier, around thirty years later after the event, was giving his recollection with a tender tone in his voice, and said he had to see how this entire travesty was set up, so that “NEVER AGAIN”, would we let something like this happen. The Queen of England to this day resonates with that term as it was less than 100 years ago that this marked the European map, and world history. It’s a sobering and necessary schooling to study how he enemy would endeavor to take over a body of people to conquer them and beat them into submission. If the enemy then could slip in with evil motives, with slick tactics, then the enemy can slip in now with fear of a virus all the way to fear of murdering hornets.

Even more moving and difficult to bear was to hear the testimonies of the victims of the Holocaust and the buzz words parroted of that time of “fear”, “crying”, “separation”, “chaos” and many more words of a tumultuous days.  They were senior adults looking back at those years of suffering, loss, ration cards, separation for their parents and siblings never to see them again, hiding, death, and despair. But the driving motive for this article was the fact that it was a slow diminishing of rights driven by the false god of fear, which, clearly and effectively allowed everyone to get into the position of being victimized,  and allowed the victimizer to have such a substantial world power.

One Swedish gentleman, Raoul Wellenberg was so deeply moved by the suffering of the Jews, that he impressively risked everything to spare up to 100,000  Jews from certain death. In the video included in this post, I talk about him and the amazing bravery and courage he used, even in the face of the Nazis standing yelling at him with loaded guns firing, only to miss him DELIBERATELY. And why? Because the Nazis, YES, the SS Guards, were radically dumbfounded by the guts and determination of this man. Even the enemy can stand down if a person will exercise a back bone with some guts of steel . Click on the link of my video to see more  >>>  BE BRAVE

But never again?

It seems we have a short memory and are easily being herded into a repeat of history, and history, more often than not, repeats itself. When the enemy can get a body of people to fear, then the enemy can get them to do anything. Fear is a spirit, and that’s all it is, but when we cater to fear, fear monger, hang with those that throw gas on the fire of fear, it then becomes our god, a false idol, that we pay homage to and allow to run the show. When we fear, we violate II Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but (a spirit) of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

365 times the Lord admonishes us not to fear, for if we fear, we can be controlled by the very entity we fear. Hebrews 13:20-21 confirms that the Lord has equipped us for the calling He has given us. If we are living in this day and age of Covid, He has equipped us for such a time as this, if it gets worse, He will equip us for that time and won’t let us down. If He takes us to Himself in this, He will equip us for that time as well, just as the Lord equipped Christ when He died on the cross.

People, we didn’t spend all of those years in church and in the Word, to sit and soak, and now that it’s show time, we cower and back down under the fear. We need to be like David and run toward Goliath and kill him with one shot! How do we know that if we stand firm, that the Nazi fear mongers won’t stand down and deliberately miss us as the firing squad because they are so mesmerized by our bravery! Fear mongering has become the norm, and focusing on the media and it’s twisted motive, plus speculating on words of those that don’t have a clue what the Word of God says, and words of world leaders that relish in controlling others,  while buckling under our masks and gloves, makes us look very weak and small. It is a picture painted that is a far cry from the warrior the Lord already equipped us to be during a time when He calls us to be firm on His Word.

Set the example by steeping in the Word, and be prepped for the battle with songs of worship and praise, with our five smooth stones of grace and the full armor of God, and our eye on the prize of WINNING. Rise above the waves of fear, and be that one that runs onto the train, while guns are blazing, to do some serious work of God. Turn your eyes upon Jesus and hold to His hand, and take your focus off of hand of the enemy.

Blessings on you. See video for more:



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