By the time you read this, you too will have had a direct impact by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. It’s been a strange and difficult time for many, and for the moment, while we are hibernating and social distancing world-wide, to flatten the curve, many are waiting out the storm, having our patience tested, but mindful of the need of why we need to be careful with person to person contact. In the mean time, our finances are taking a hit, our health is at stake, and we are feeling a gamut of emotions from concern over our future all the way to excitement of God’s hand at work and the possible witness to the unfolding of the end times we have been reading about and studying for so many years. Even more, our faith is being tested wondering what the Lord has in store.

Jeremiah 29:11 remind us, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

It can be an anxiety and fear-filled experience, if we don’t take time to trace the delivering hand of the Lord in the Bible, and in our own personal history, especially how He directed our paths during times of extreme pain and loss. We must lean on God’s promises of delivery. It’s very easy to feel confident in the Word of the Bible when things are going well, but how we respond when we are pressed as heavily as we are in this present circumstance is the litmus test for maturity in Christ, proving the verse in Jeremiah as a golden truth.  Some have argued that this verse only applied to the people for when it was written, but I must defend the fact that God’s Word is directly applicable to us as Gentiles or Jews, now, simply due to the fact the Word was written to the believer for all aspects of our lives! In fact the Lord spoke these very words into my ears audibly which serves as a carbon copy of Jeremiah 29:11, when the great I AM forever changed my life whispering, “I have a plan for your life.”

That included His plan for me even this day and age of a world wide pandemic virus outbreak.

We must be careful during this season of increasing reports of infection and being home-bound, with a deepening concern of where our future is headed, that we don’t escape into hours of binge watching television, over-eating, fretting in endless thoughts of “what if”, even occupying our time with mindless busy-ness, and completely forgo the gem of what we can learn with time in the Word and in prayer. This is a powerful opportunity to hear from the Savior in close intimate communication with Him during meditation His report and not that of the world. (Luke 10:17-19).

Furthermore …. no matter where our faith is on the map of this event, one thing we must be cautious of, is that we do not waste this experience

More than anything in this surreal pressing trial on a world-wide scale, with the virus afflicting many, other illnesses and needs that are arising and that existed before, financial needs arising, with simultaneous tragedies of tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, and more … if we emerge out of this as unchanged souls, we will have missed the purpose of this entire event. He presses us like the olive during the harvest season to procure the best of the best out of us.

It’s already evident that many are changing by the day seeing how the Lord is carrying us through. The Lord is sovereign, longs for us to be near to Him, and has a plan even if we are allowed to be taken by the virus, experience a financial loss, or lose something during this time we never saw headed our way. God will honor everything that we commit to Him, does not waste our sorrows, and He hears our prayers when we humble ourselves before Him. He is also perfectly capable of resurrecting our lives into a new and even greater place of existence, even if that means heaven itself.

He provides a safe protective shelter under His wings and this is the most ideal time to lay our fear at His feet, and instead, reach out to others with the love of Jesus Christ sharing His promises that we ourselves can lean on heavily during the storm. So many people need hope, help, and comfort. While we ourselves have some form of fear and anxiety that riddles us through the night or sneaks up during our conversations, we must remain steadfast and strong for those that are watching us as believers. This is the time to shine for our Savior as we have a captive audience.  Don’t waste this experience on fear, anxiety, and escaping in ways that causes us to ignore His movement across the globe for this present moment.

If you are reading this and don’t know the Lord, yes, that means you, we are here to talk, counsel, and lead you in the way of the only path that will count for a total victory. Feel free to contact any of us on our website.

Know that you are loved and prayed for by this ministry – we convene and pray weekly on your behalf. We pray for how the Lord will guide you in the direction of how to minister to your families, friends, neighbors, on-line connections, and where ever He points in the way of His will.

In Him

ReAnn Ring


I AM I have a plan for your life


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