Here we are in the middle of one of one of the strangest global/national upheavals we have ever seen in our immediate lives. In my 52 years, I only remember time coming to a stand still a few times, and this is definitely an instance that will emerge at the top of list of strange, scary, and sudden. Who knew last month at this time we would see certain aspects of life come to a screeching halt including our church activities, sports, businesses, delivery systems, and more. It seems the supermarkets, bottled water, tissue paper, and Amazon companies are the only ones truly benefitting at the moment.

But have no fear, there will be life AFTER the virus! It may take us a minute to recover, but it will happen, so let’s plan ahead, dig in with all of our might, and not let this stop us from moving forward again and resume the booming spiritual and economical movement we have been enjoying.  I would like to cordially invite you to convene with a panel of many experts on sales, marketing, and more that will get you back in the swing of things and certainly help to restore your zeal. Check out my spot as well on the link provided along with my peers who are ready and able to help you regain your footing and do it quickly!  Click link to join us >>> Speak Your Way To More Business

Your’s in the name of all that is prosperous for all the right reasons – see you at the summit!

ReAnn Ring


hand washing coronavirus

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