A Word Fitly Spoken

Stone Mountain Girl

Recently I was given a moment with a sweet girl who had planted herself on top of a smooth giant rock near the observatory at the top of Stone Mountain. When I first caught glimpse of her, the profile of a young person in deep thought, I couldn’t help but take a couple of snap shots with my cell camera as the pose, the background, and the moment, was apropos for photography. Glancing over the photos I realized that any girl might appreciate the fact she is the object of a great photo opp, so I approached her during her quiet moment, and told her this would make a perfect picture for a blog if she were writing one.

Very excited she asked to see the pic I had snapped as indeed she had just finished a blog that she had written and allowed me to take a glimpse on her phone. As I studied her face at a closer range, no one could miss the tears streaming down her cheeks, and upon reading her blog, it reflected fresh feelings that she was starting a new chapter in her life. At the moment, I didn’t feel led to pry, but God revealed right there on the spot to encourage her heavily with the Word and a few examples of His work from topics on  body-building all the way to building a business to a level far beyond what one could ever imagine or dream. 

Before long, the smile came, the tears stopped, and she was ready to take on that new chapter she had already written about in her unpublished blog.  Texting her the photos I had taken for her to use, I glanced up as she walked away with a lighter heart and a bounce in her step as she headed down the mountain, knowing full well that this was no mistake meeting – it was the Lord sending me on a divine appointment.

I may never know the reason for her heavy heart when I arrived, but she was certainly not deep in sorrow as she left.With a belly full of gratitude, I reflected on how many times someone who was passing by gave me a word of wisdom that I would learn to treasure for eternity. We never forget those people, their kindness, the power of that moment that changed everything.

The take away: My thought is, I wonder how many opportunities we might miss when we don’t look up from our devices and busy schedules and stop and talk a minute to get involved in someone’s life just like this – God will surely use someone, but I don’t want to miss out on the chance when it’s my turn to minister. We could prevent a major decision in the wrong direction by stepping in with a strong shoulder to cry on or simply taking a few minutes to bolster a person’s entire direction in life. They are thirsty to hear, and navigating someone through the ups and downs of the human heart experiences can  make all the difference for eternity.

As for my time with this stranger now turned friend, I’m not sure who was blessed more at that moment, her, or me.   

God is good.

ReAnn Ring

Apples of gold


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