Too many times we decide to give up our full price tag we want to charge on our product or services simply because we can’t say “no thanks”, to someone who wants to talk us down in payment for something we work very hard to earn. It’s not that we don’t want to make the money, and it’s not that we aren’t in the competitive mode either, but rather, it comes down to the belief system that we don’t think what we have is worth the value we have attached to it. We simply haven’t learned yet, that the sun will rise again tomorrow and many other sales will come, even if we walk away from a sale today. Generally it boils down to how we feel about ourselves personally that is reflected in our world of business dealings and how we garner ourselves right out of a healthy growth cycle. Business isn’t about pleasing everyone with what they think your product is worth, it making your product worth exactly what you ask for in price, and understanding that this sometimes. requires allowing a potential consumer to walk away.

The key is, you will set the standard by putting a fair price on an item or service that offers better than the average and is worth every penny, because it’s uniquely placed in the market by a salesperson, or a company owner like yourself, that is passionate to offer the highest standard. Once that standard is set, the word can travel fast, so make sure that it is a value equal to the asking price and then some.

If one has been in business for any length of time, one will understand that business requires cash flow, so the more we allow the bargain basement price to happen, the more quickly we edge ourselves to going totally out of business. It can and does happen every day.  If a potential buyer chooses to have cable t.v., a car payment, a $2000 a year cell phone, overhead in their own businesses, and other hidden dollars spent, then it also means that a buyer will then have to choose to afford your offer as well. They have to decide to invest wisely with you and if they don’t, please do not buckle at that point, desperate for a sale, and allow someone who holds a tight purse string to be the determining factor to devalue something you know took blood, sweat, and tears to develop.

Furthermore, do you want to be known as the cheapest on the block that works as hard as the other guys, or the one with the higher price tag, with more of a quality deal? At that point even if they balk at the price, point to the bottom line price, and where to sign and let them decide. If they sign they sign, if they don’t they don’t. Be considerate with your response, and decide that if others want to stay small, that this isn’t your problem. Don’t you dare shrink the price tag if they decide not to afford you. Be wise and protect your own investment and worth. The sales will come.

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