One of the greatest destabilizing forces we can create in any relationship is INCONSISTENCY.

Inconsistency says, “I don’t care as much as I say I do despite the declaration that I love/treasure/adore/care said person, my family, a friend, a group, a church, a business goal, or mission of any kind that I am supposedly committed to … Although I profess I am devoted to this or that and even put in the time and attention to prove that my intentions were such, I forfeit effective methods to keep things rock solid between us by not communicating regularly and with some predictability due to any little thing that comes along to derail my attention. It’s too hard to prioritize life, above lack of self restraint, immaturity, and loafing around with the lesser and most assuredly trivial. With my actions of neglect one minute, full engagement the next, and abandonment the very next day, I will leave you questioning my very character altogether that should put into regular practice sticking with the plan regardless of circumstances.

After all, in a scattered mind set, I have too many other obligations that I have involved myself in that could clearly have been prevented and only create more cluttered chaos to derail and swallow me whole. I would rather live diluted pursuing 101 things that nab my attention for 10 minutes than to whittle it down to a few things that matter and give all of myself to secure that trust that matters for a life time. You and what we have been working toward is simply not valuable enough for me to get my act together and grow up. I am to be a human BEING working in my realm of gifting that has no limits – opening up for more enriched depth with you by giving of my words and deeds out of a genuine heart, but instead pretend to be a super human DOER with an ADD riddled mind, which profits very little. Why invest my guts in to this anyway? It would be simple to exercise self discipline and think on how others are perceiving the message I am emitting from my actions vs my words or even lack of words. So, I will hobble along accomplishing a mole hill here and there leaving a trail of fragments of my good intentions, hurt feelings, and half commitments, that will be of little or no value, create a discredit of my memory and elusive presence, for anything or anyone in the long run, and most assuredly will sabotage my credibility as a person that cannot seem to fully engage in treasuring those around me flourishing where it really does count.”

Long quote, but the above thoughts should give us a quick insight how to tackle that mixed message we give others if we are indeed inconsistent:

  1. Prioritize projects already in the throws of commitment, and complete them fully before taking on something new. That means finish going through the mail stack, the laundry that is overflowing in that other room, and put human beings before tasks to start with such as your spouse and children and what they need you for and why. There is no amount of busy work that you will ever miss, but you will certainly miss precious time that flies by before your eyes if you don’t stop to care for family and friends that count.
  2. Communicate to those around you what your plans are, by a polite affirmative “no” so that they (especially those that don’t respect boundaries) are aware, “I don’t need anymore dirt on this already heaping pile.” Need I explain more here?
  3. Involve and delegate. I have found that one of the best moves I ever made in business was to stop doing my accounting. I HATE numbers and math makes my skin crawl, plus it leaves me depleted hunting for receipts, perusing bank accounts, and all that it requires. Once I turned this over and stopped believing I could save dough by doing it myself,  I found out the opposite. I got a huge refund and saved thousands of dollars using a qualified monthly tax organizer and could breathe a long sigh of relief it was done right.
  4. Take time to rest in between tasks and work during your optimal hours. I work far and away better in the morning hours and can’t believe the sense of accomplishment I feel when I put exercise and time with the Lord FIRST, and then tackle business and everything else next. Something about the stabilizing supernatural involvement of the Word of God is reflective of God’s mercies that are new every morning, and when I take care of the engine that carries me, my body, I feel like a million bucks!

Happy consistency and feel free to comment or ask questions as you wish!

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