GET REAL?? Really?

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Find Your Oil

For those of us who are extremely creative visionaries:

“People will kill you over time. And how they will kill you is with tiny little phrases like, ‘be realistic”‘ “. – quoted by unknown

Can you imagine if someone was there when the Lord envisioned the heavens and the earth and told Him to be “realistic” – to “get real”?

I fight the voices of nay-sayers around me and in my own head every day … and have successfully gotten to the point where I truly believe and have SEEN that God can do ANYTHING. If it’s His will, it WILL come to pass. You put one foot in front of another and walk ahead with every effort you can conjure and watch your vision become a new definition of “realistic”.

Not everyone is a visionary, so if you are not, don’t stomp the dreams of those who are –…

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