Wanna-be Prophets

A word of warning …

Be ultra careful who you allow to speak into your life with a “word from the Lord” or something that has been “impressed” upon them specifically for you … I have learned first hand by experience and watching … many people don’t necessarily have pure motives that have a so called “prophetic gift” and end up wanting to be your savior, lord, and a controller, as opposed to pointing to Christ as being the ONLY Savior and Lord.

A telling sign of a phony is when their “prophetic gift” divides people that have long been joined by the Lord in a ministry, a marriage, or other work of God and within themselves they long to be in the place of the one they are jealous of operating out of a spirit of envy …. One can bet, without mistake, that this is one of the truest signs of a counterfeit prophet – hidden jealousy.

Doesn’t matter how sharp or bright they appear nor how much the one or many respects them, not everybody “has” that gift that “thinks” that they have it. That person may not even necessarily realize they are setting out to do harm either, as it could be a lack of fulfillment in their own ministry that leads them to steps to cannibalize the joy of another person or persons. The fruit of their mission will be very telling in the end.

A true prophet of the Lord will deliver in a spirit of love, and honesty, and will be abundantly confirmed by the fact that it WILL NOT divide what the Lord has anointed to be joined together. The more one is called to a ministry, message or relationship, the more joy and dedication that is involved, the more the enemy will send whom he can to kill, steal, and destroy. Let’s make sure we are not a false prophet being used by the enemy ourselves, and conversely let’s be sure to be in our full spiritual garb according to Ephesians 6 in order to discern falsehood when it presents itself by another so that we won’t fall prey to dividing spirit. jealous

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