Crushing Our Purpose

When people want to squash your purpose, question your calling, tell you that you “deserve” more or even less, and divert your direction from holiness … remember this … Jesus Himself looked at Peter, His own disciple, who tried to stop Christ’s purpose on the cross, a disciple He had walked with, loved, and mentored, and said, “Get thee behind me Satan”.

So when we try to get in the way of God’s plan for someone either from jealously, making erroneous judgement calls of the Lord’s work in and through them, or exercising selfish pride that says we know “better” than the Lord Himself for another person … we need to keep in mind this example from Matthew 16:21-23. It’s a good thing the Lord had big plans for Peter later on as he was used mightily despite earlier on trying to stop eternal plans of the Savior of the universe Himself that would have changed the course of history for all of us.

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