Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 8.14.09 AMSocial Media Nazies:
1. Grammar Nazi: One who is happy to go on everyone’s page and correct their posts, but never mind their own glaring errors …
2. Blabber Nazi: Those that you never really interact with or may hardly know but are the very ones that monitor the news feed, help themselves to exercise free speech on your’s and everyone else’s page, and are incredibly defensive over nothing with loooong posts of protest!
3. Political Nazi: Did you say you support a political candidate? How dare you! Especially if it’s a conservative one. Oh yah, and they especially hate Sarah Palin.
4. Religion Nazi: One who tries to redefine the Word of God on any posts with Scripture on it. >>> Sorry I don’t think the Creator of the Universe is going to comply with an attempt of twisting His wisdom.
5. Space Invader Nazi: That person that finds you on every social media site, keeps posting on EVERY post you post, friends all your friends, and turns every conversation around to be about themselves.
6. I-Don’t-Have-A-Sense-of-Humor Nazi: People who desperately need to grow a funny bone, and take all jokes and funny posts as an insult.
7. I-Want-You Nazi: The dude that thinks women, married or not, will respond to his suggestive comments and will want to marry him. >>>> GO AWAY PLEASE!
8. Stalker Nazi: That one that you just know is stalking every picture and every little thing that is said … Big Brother is WATCHING … muwaahahaha

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