Democrat, Republican, Libertarian … Whatever!

If one is a TRUE BELIEVER IN CHRIST, the sobering questions to ask oneself before they post anything political for any party affiliation whether Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or whatever: “Will this draw attention to Christ, OR, will it take the spotlight off of Christ and put it onto me? Am I sneering and bitter in my defense of this party’s agenda or do I display the brokenness of surrender to Christ which is HUGE and powerful and inviting in and of itself without looking like casper milktoast? Will it destroy every ounce of credibility I have ever worked on in the ministry He has given me and diminish the hope of those looking to see if there really is a TRUE child of God out there who won’t betray the principles of God over the love of money or some other motive that’s not pure? Does my political party adhere to the Word of God in major areas that effect the unborn, the elderly, the sanctity of marriage or am I willing to forfeit the principles of God on those majors to agree with a party on the minors? Am I keeping in mind that I will stand eye to eye with the living God and give an account of EVERY line item I voted for?” …. And NO, this post does not invite a political rant from anyone … it’s merely the conviction the Holy Spirit has given ME to write.

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