How many times have you found yourself consciously questioning in your business or your job why you are in the same frustrating place as before, or, are even exasperated over the fact you are beyond waiting for this season of your life to “change”? How many hours, days, or years have gone by that the same old mental tape whips around the reel and the four walls of your mind have become all too familiar, while you are thirsty for change, but bereft as to where to begin?  After all, didn’t the Lord create you for more?  Is your pocket book the same, debt still climbing, or even status quo? Is your business “static” or are you lagging in zeal for what you are most familiar with doing from year to year? How about that dream of all dreams you want to bring into reality? Is it still in your head, or maybe it’s been completely worn out with failed attempts to draw that balloon of possibilities down to a level where you can even find where to pick up and start again?

Well, hold fast, pick your head up, and get ready for some encouragement with practical Biblical insights that will cause you to chew for a minute, make a plan, and then put it into high gear and MOVE. Change is coming, and YOU have to decide that THIS TIME you are ready, willing, and able to make it a part of the here and NOW.

Your’s truly is a highly motivated person, who has gone through MANY valleys of despair like anyone else, but with far more victories than I was even prepared to recollect in my “count of accomplishments” for writing in this blog. With the grace of our Lord God, I have found that the mountain top experiences are far more attainable than we give Him credit for in the area of “spiritual” climbing equipment that’s simply waiting for us in preparation for something entirely different than you have had before.

While personally walking through my inventory of then vs. now … I found a profoundly interesting familiar thought pattern that becomes the catalyst for taking action before, during, and after a climb to a new place and time in the mile markers of my life.

Allow me indulge you with some striking traits of our Lord that I have been pondering, while preparing this message and steps to take work on that all important area called “the mind”. Without the mind made up for a direction, there will be no changes.

1. The Lord is in the business of moving: The Israelites of the Old Testament were being led by a cloud during the day, and a pillar of fire during the night. Jesus future birth caused his own parents to move as they avoided Herod’s edict of death of the children looking to kill the soon coming Messiah. After He grew, He called disciples along the way, changed their lives, He worked through the crowds, and moved from city to city, eventually commissioned disciples and the rest of us to “go out”, and eventually physically moved onto glory. The men of the New Testament were in continual despair and bondage followed by mountain tops, and always in the mode of preparation for the glory of the Kingdom.

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