Sequel Film to be released to “The Hiding Place”

If you had to forgive the worst of offenders could you do it? But even more, if you had to put your neck on the line for a country of people that would die without your intervention, would you have the guts to stand against evil and do what is right, risking your family and friends to death in the process, and STILL be able to forgive those that are evil? That was the original message of “The Hiding Place” told by Corrie ten Boom, of the Netherland, a Dutch woman who lost four family members and many friends during the underground work of that war. She survived, forgave, and traveled the world for 30 years after telling her story.

But there’s more to the story! Who would have thought that a WWII true story could be so easily applicable to the topics of Human Trafficking, Bullying, and Prejudice of today?

“Return to the Hiding Place” is a dramatic true story sequel film to Corrie ten Boom’s film – depicting the account told by Hans Poley, one of Corrie’s young friends who worked with her in the underground.

As a college boy, Hans and his friends, namely Piet Hartog and Aty Van Woerden, had to the make the choice to stand for a what is pure and right be defending the persecuted Jews by Hitler and his regime, or, buckle and give in to a power that seemed unstoppable.

This film is due to release later this year, complete with a fantastic trailer to introduce the impact of what is to come by the brilliant project done by Spencer Productions! We hope you will join us in spreading the word.

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