Two months ago I had the opportunity to hear Kay Arthur up close and personal at the Christian Women In Media Conference (CWIM.com) – Nashville, Tennessee.  I made the four-hour  journey from Atlanta to meet, network, learn from, and contribute experiences to other professionals in the media industry. We heard not only from Kay, but Ruth Graham (daughter to Billy Graham), Vonette Bright – Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, Suellen Roberts – the Founder of CWIM, and many more extraordinary women of the Word.

Representing two cherished ministries affiliated with Corrie ten Boom, her legacy, and the relevance to how the timeless message God gave her could be applied to now,  I felt the driving desire to learn “how to” and learn it with zeal and a craftmanship that only comes from being with others that are more seasoned than I am in promoting work for the kingdom.
http://www.hide-movie.com (Return to the Hiding Place by Halo Productions based on the testimonies of Corrie’s teen army mobilized in the underground work of the Dutch Resistance against Hitler)
http://www.pamrosewellmoore.org (Pam Rosewell Moore is the former traveling companion and nurse to Corrie ten Boom and serves as an author and speaker of her incredible experiences).

My work with these ministries humbles me deeply and caused a fervent search into the heart of God’s mind for wisdome in order to work the most effectively with promotion and encouragement, which is vital to creating momentum in an audience base and for the younger generation desperate for something and someone to look up to in the formative years. The power of the Lord and the anointing on both ministries I work with are so powerful, I wouldn’t dare move forward without wise counsel, hence, the need to consult with others already flourishing in their field similar to mine. So what would I take away from Kay Arthur, Ruth Graham daughter to Billy Graham, Vonette Bright – Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ and other bright minded figures in the industry of media.

Being highly visible as a women of God in the media as Kay is, she addressed those of us in attendance who are in media ministries with an emphasis on speaking the truth boldly and with conviction more than ever before citing several Ezekiel based references as to what can happen when we keep silent and do nothing for the sake of sparing others from evil in our current status as a nation. We are to be pro-active to not omit the Word of God from our work on television, radio, social media, film, authoring books, speaking at conferences, and other sources, as we reach a volumious audience at one time. Multitudes can be accomplished by a few minutes of touching masses of audiences at a time due to the digital information age, but time is wasted and the message diminished to a degree when we don’t speak with the higher level of authority Jesus has given us by weaving verses into everything we deliver.

The Bible serves as that fortification of anything the Lord has given us in a statement of faith.

As well, for any believer, but especially those in leadership, we are doubly accountable for NOT speaking up about sin when given opportunities. We’re talking challenges that range from the small things in life all the way to the tougher ones we shrink away from for fear of “losing” a friend, a child, a job, a marriage, a ministry, or more. John 15:18, ” If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before you.”

If we deliver the goods with a bitter or haughty spirit, those that are listening will shut down and we are then in danger of losing credibility of our prospect of eternity, by omitting the love of Christ. It takes practice, yet, the point remains, to SAY IT, and let God take care of the results. This action we are commanded to do was never meant for the faint of heart, yet, it is highly rewarding when we stand before the Lord having obeyed Him when He calls us to action, and He will provide the courage to make us warriors for the Word. I will embellish this commission of Kays pointing to I Corinthians 13:1, “If I speak with tongues of men and angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.”

Ephesians 6:13 says, “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

A superb motivator and catalyst to action for me personally is that when I take a look around, and see what it has cost us for not having acted more fervently and thoroughly before, I can clearly see the price for silence has been horrific!

And those that advocated evil? Well … they will  keep on treading all works of righteousness, which usually is a fantastic indicator that we are on the right path.

But my take away with this event and hearing these lovely and faithful warriors of the Word this past weekend, was that I am one of many that have been given the gift of encouragement by the Lord and being a “promoter” for the Lord and His plan for our lives even when it costs to speak the truth in love and peace.  Some will revile us or embrace the message, but none the less – we are to speak up.

One of the most exciting and challenging truths you can ever share  to change another’s minds on a dime about a walk with Christ, is that the Lord has a mega scheme where they will fit into the big picture and be used in a mighty way, and in a heavenly productive way compared to where they are now … Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you …”

The key is … never ever give up speaking, writing, singing about His Word and leave the rest to the Lord – one of those that you witness to, is someone just like you were before you knew Christ.

One thought on “SPEAK UP!

  1. Great Word for today, ReAnn! We must never give up or keep quiet of what the Lord has done in our lives!! Love ya and miss you!!

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