A Word of Encouragement: Transparency

Being transparent is absolutely necessary for trust, but it has a price called “vulnerability” that you must be prepared to protect without putting up walls.  The balance comes when you can keep it real for the benefit of another, and simultaneously endure an attack on your honesty …. but never grow bitter at the immaturity of another’s assault. The reward: Your word will be gold.

Predators are every where looking for a vulnerable spot to hit whenever possible, however, I have found that the act of protecting my weaknesses is key to keeping me from too direct of a hit, although altogether, it’s unavoidable not to be pierced.

If Christ were pierced due to our sin, then we are not above Him nor the launch of attack that took place on His entire being, His character, and unwavering strength.  He made Himself open to the Pharisees and Saducees, but always deferred their hostility by the Word of truth He spoke and never allowed the to manipulate Him away from the task at hand.

If we are careful to keep ourselves soft and malleable to Christ, we will definitely find that attacks do come from around our blind side. The benefit of our reaction being one of wisdom, kindness, yet, one filled with strength in our weakness, is the essential code to winning an enemy over to Christ, through time.

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